Naum Faiq und die Assyrische Aufklärung – Naum Faiq and the Assyrian Awakening


Naum Faiq und die Assyrische Aufklärung – Naum Faiq and the Assyrian Awakening

Malfono Abboud Zeitoune informiert über seine letzte Bucherscheinung, und die neue Englische Version.

Shlama/Shlomo myaqre,

Dear friends,

First of all I wish you a Happy New Year 2023!

I am very pleased to announce that the English edition of my book on Naum Faiq and his writings is released and ready for distribution.

Naum Faiq Palakh is unquestionably considered a mastermind of the Assyrian national movement.  In his long career as a journalist, writer and activist, he has left a great legacy.

His works seemed to be completely lost since his death in 1930. But through painstaking work, a large part of his writings could be located again.

With this book, numerous articles from originally Ottoman Turkish, Arabic and Syriac are translated into English for the first time. All texts are originally written in the Syriac alphabet in the periodicals Kawkab Madenho, Bethnahrin and Huyodo in the period from 1910 to 1930.

The writings of Naum Faiq provide an insight into a critical period that threatened the very existence of the Assyrians. The massacres of 1895 and later the genocide of the Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire in 1915 fall into the period of his work. These events are reflected in the articles of the aforementioned publications. 

The translation of these texts is important due to the worldwide dispersion of Assyrians as a result of genocide and persecution, so that these first-hand articles can be passed on to future generations. 

This book contain over 120 translated articles from Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Syriac beside an extensive and new biography of Naum Faiq.

There are two ways to order your copy of my latest book:

Hardcover version through my website:

Paperback version through:

Please forward this message to friends and relatives who are interested in Assyrian history.

I wish you a happy new year 2023.

Thank you very much

Abboud Zeitoune

My previous works:

Please note that I already published also the following books which can be ordered via my website:

Music Pearls of Bethnahrin – Berule d musiqi men Bethnahrin 2007

The aim of this book is to make a first attempt of collecting and documenting information about the variety of forms in modern Assyrian music. 


Modern Assyrian Music – Musiqi Suryoyto hdatho – 2015

This volume is the continuation of my first book documenting all released records with Assyrian music since 1917!


Music Heritage of Mesopotamia – Yartutho d Musiqi d Bethnahrin – 2016

This is a song book which contain 145 lyrcis of known west- and east-Assyrian songs.


Naum Faiq and the Assyrian Awakening – نعوم فائق والنهضة السريانية الاشورية – 2020

This was the first book about Naum Faiq and his writing. It contain almost all his Arabic articles published in his periodicals Kawkab Madenho, Bethnahrin and Huyodo  from 1910 till 1929.


Naum Faiq und die Assyrische Aufklärung – 2022

This book in German include translated articles from Ottoman-Turkish, Arabic and Syriac of Naum Faiq.


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